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  1. How much does it cost me to let you manage my accommodation?


We offer personalized prices based on the characteristics of the house, generally our fee does not exceed 28% of the revenues of your house.


    2. I have a holiday home with 4 beds, how can I know the average monthly profitability?


Estimating an occupancy rate of 50%, your proceeds net of all expenses including our management, are around 37% of the turnover.


    3. What is the difference between a short and long term rent?


First of all, do not risk defaulting tenants who would put you in serious difficulty by not paying you the rent for 1 or 2 years, so that the eviction does not take place.

You will always have the status and conditions of your home constantly monitored by us.

You must not deprive yourself of the use of the same as it is always at your complete disposal.

Thanks to seasonal volatility, annual revenues generally vary from 15% to 30% more per year, compared to traditional rent.


    4. Ok, I want to entrust my property to you, but I don't know where to start, can you take care of everything?


Yes of course!

We make use of the collaboration of professionals such as Surveyors and Accountants for the start of the business and the completion of Suap or CAV practices. 


As soon as the technician has presented the Wake for the start of the activity, on your power of attorney, we could independently carry out the bureaucratic procedures related to the Police Headquarters and the tourism office, including those of your own municipality.


    5. If I decide to try to manage everything independently, maybe in a year or two, how can I get out of our collaboration agreement?


There is no "Constraint", ours is a profit contract, if the property works we earn, in this case just let us know a few weeks in advance, you will be given all the credentials to access the portals, the necessary details to continue this path in complete autonomy and we would obviously remain available for a consultancy service;

in part or to answer your specific future questions.

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